View Full Version : 5 weeks later...

03-18-2010, 12:26 PM
I guess we've been too busy to post lately. Or maybe we're just lazy. It's one of the two. In any case, we've been feverishly working on all the heroic ICC encounter since we last killed Arthas back in February. Despite horrendous lag that all but halted us in our tracks for a few weeks (later leading us to transfer to Dawnbringer), we managed new heroic kills every week thus far. Last night was Heroic Sindragosa, and easily the hardest encounter we've faced thus far.


Grats to everyone on a lot of hard work on this one. Very tightly tuned encounter for a pure 10-man guild like ourselves. And with that kill, we're now 11/12 for Heroic ICC.


Only Arthas remains -- again. We're going to take a week or two off before working on H:Arthas to wrap up our Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievements. Only Neck Deep in Vile (Arthas) and All You Can Eat (Sindragosa) remain for that, though a few people are missing various other achievements.

Stay tuned for our drake achievement soon, and hopefully Heroic Arthas after that!