View Full Version : Nefarian

12-22-2010, 11:13 PM
After taking 3 days off last week, we were back at this week. I guess we were good this year, because Santa Claus came early tonight, bringing us a Nefarian kill and our Defender of a Shattered World titles. It was a lot of fun spanning two solid days of attempts. Extremely tightly tuned for the current gear level and requires insane coordination across every member of the raid. Probably the most intense fight in the game to date (heroic modes notwithstanding). Surpasses Heroic Lich King.

That currently puts us at #23 US, #116 World. And with that, we're back to a more sane raid schedule (3 days/week) much to everyone's relief.

Congrats all. Enjoy the holiday break. Onwards to Heroic modes!