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Gogan 10-12-2009 11:23 AM

MoP Recruitment Closed (Updated: 9/24/12)

Recruiting: None
Raid Schedule: Tues/Weds 7-10pm PST
Loot: Need/greed, tokens evenly distributed
Contact: Gogan on

Now Recruiting

Recruitment is currently closed, however, we're always interested in exceptional players.

Our ideal candidate is someone who has historically raided 10 or 25-mans at a high level during current progression and now prefers a smaller tightly-knit drama-free group of players to raid with. Applicants should be in in the best possible gear available to them, with appropriate gems and enchants; be satisfied with only 10-man raids for 2 days per week; be able to commit to near-100% availability; and excel in all aspects of their class.

The Application Process

We don't have a formal applicant trial process, because frankly we don't openly recruit very often. We pride ourselves on having a very stable roster for the last several years. Attrition is inevitable, of course, but applicants should understand we're looking for someone that will be with us for the long term (MoP and beyond).

As an applicant, you'll join our full-time raiding roster and enjoy any related perks (guild repairs, consumables, etc). Since we only recruit for full-time positions, you can expect to raid and receive loot as often as every other member.

About <Gentlemen of Leisure>

<Gentlemen of Leisure> is composed of all former-Fuse guild raiders. Fuse (and Eventide, as it was known during vanilla) was a top 100 25-man raiding guild, dating back to vanilla WoW, clearing all content in the game typically pre-nerf. Notable achievements included world 47th Kel'Thuzad (pre-bc), Pre-nerf M'uru, US 59th Kil'jaeden, and World 1st Ignis. After Fuse disbanded in August 2009, ten of us decided to transfer horde-side and start a 10-man only raiding guild, allowing us to still raid competitively and experience current and upcoming content but on an abbreviated raid schedule and more relaxed drama-free environment. Most of us have been raiding together for the last 2-3 years.

In terms of progression, our mission is to be server #1 on all new 10-man content, completing all hard modes and achievements associated with the raid zones. We also strive to be competitive in the worldwide and US 10-man rankings. Recent accomplishments include:

* Heroic: Chimaeron - World 36th, US 9th
* Nefarian - US 28th
* Heroic: Halion - US 113th
* Heroic: Lich King - US 118th (#5 worldwide for 10-man guilds)
* Tribute to Dedicated Insanity - US 61st
* The Traitor King - US 9th
* Earth, Wind, & Fire - US 27th

We currently raid 2 nights per week -- Tues and Weds from 7-10pm PST.

Loot is Needed for main specs, and Greeded for offspecs. Trophies/Tokens are distributed evenly among the entire roster. Repairs, flasks, and food are paid for by the guild bank.

We're aiming for a 12-man roster so that people can take a day off when need be. Players fairly rotate sitting out of various instances each night, if necessary. Those who sit out are tracked, so that nobody sits out twice in a row.

Gogan 11-05-2009 02:14 PM

Now looking for 1 mage.

Gogan 11-17-2009 09:22 PM

Now also accepting a mage, warlock, rogue, or enhancement shaman.

Gogan 12-08-2009 08:54 PM

Recruitment is now closed.

Pathology 03-25-2012 04:14 PM

SWTOR recruitment open
Recruiting all roles but tanks for raid team.

Recruiting exceptional PvPers for war zone team.

Gogan 09-24-2012 03:10 PM

Recruitment for MoP is currently closed.

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