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Application Template

Character Info

Character Name:
Current Server/Faction:
Link to Armory:

List any alts you have:

Raiding History

Tell us about your prior raiding experience, including 10v25 experience, instances cleared, which characters you've cleared them as, etc.

What guild are you currently in, and why are you looking to leave?

Tell us about any previous guilds you were in, and why you left.

Why do you want to join <Gentlemen of Leisure>?

Please post a screenshot of your UI -- because we're curious ;-).

Tell us about your class and what you believe its strengths and weaknesses are in a 10-man raid environment.

What sets you apart from the other applicants?

Do you also play in the buff covered in cheeto dust?

About Me

What is your current real-life situation, e.g. work full-time, school, extra-curricular activities, married, kids, chronically ill loved ones that require frequent absences *cough*, etc.

Please describe your computer and internet connection specs.

Can you make the designated raid times (Tues-Thurs 7-10pm PST) with near-100% attendance?

Will you rotate with other players sitting out of raids on occasion without bitching about it?

Being able to speak over vent is mandatory. Is there anything that will prevent you from doing so?

What is your sexual orientation? Are you okay with homosexuals?

Pepsi or Coke?

If you could be a super hero, who would you be?

Are you comfortable with nudity?

How many hats do you own?

Do you have a mustache?

Would you ever have the urge to wrap yourself in tinfoil and walk around in it all day?

Please also post a picture of yourself, we need to know if you have deformities. Nudes are welcome.
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